Taxi driver who defrauded a tourist has had his licence revoked in Istanbul

December 19, 2022

Istanbul authorities revoke license of taxi driver who defrauded foreign tourist for a month

Istanbul authorities have suspended for a month a taxi driver who demanded three times the usual amount from a foreign tourist for a fare from the airport, the city’s public transport directorate said.
“The taxi driver has been suspended for 30 days,” the directorate specified.

Earlier, social media user Elena Vykhodtseva complained about a driver who demanded 1,900 lira ($102) from her for the journey from the airport to her home at the end of the trip, although she said she usually pays 600 lira for this route. The woman was outraged at the fraud and attempts to defraud foreigners.

Tourists and locals often complain about the quality of taxi services in Istanbul. It is not uncommon for drivers to refuse to take passengers according to a taximeter or app-based fare and inflate the cost of the trip.

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