Russia and U.S. meet in Istanbul on embassy issues

January 10, 2023

Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov: Russia and the U.S. are meeting in Istanbul on the work of embassies

A meeting at the level of directors of the relevant departments of Russia and the U.S. is being held on Friday in Istanbul, it discusses the work of diplomatic missions and “irritants” in bilateral relations, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said.

“Today in Istanbul there is a meeting at the level of directors of specialized departments, these are periodic events to discuss the so-called “irritants” in bilateral relations…. “The reference to irritants means that the technique of how Russian diplomatic missions in the United States and the United States in Russia function is discussed there,” Ryabkov said on the platform of the Valdai international discussion club.

Contacts with the U.S. on this topic, he added, were resumed after a pause.

“This is not some political signal of something, that we are resuming the conversation with the U.S. on major issues. It’s just a working moment,” Ryabkov added.

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